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Solar Power that Lasts – Guaranteed

Con Edison Solutions is committed to its customers. Long after the solar power installation is complete, you can count on your Con Edison Solutions power system to perform. When you choose us for for your project, you will receive a manufacturer warranty of 25 years on the solar panels. Other key components also come with long-term manufacturers’ warranties.

In addition, Con Edison Solutions provides a 10 year workmanship warranty that covers the installation of your solar power system. In the unlikely event there is a problem with anything other than the hardware, our workmanship warranty has you covered.

Long after the solar power installation is complete, you can count on your Con Edison Solutions power system to perform

The system is not the only thing we stand behind. When placing an order with Con Edison Solutions, we will provide a computer-modeled production estimate and we will guarantee that output. We stand behind our production estimates to ensure you get the returns you were expecting. You can be assured that we will be around long after the job is complete and the warranties expire.

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We Have Some Exciting News!

As you may already be aware, the solar installation business known as Ross Solar was acquired by Con Edison Solutions more than two years ago. Since then, we have fully integrated all areas of the business and have continued to provide a great level of service to our customers in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. In order to now acknowledge our full integration, Ross Solar will be taking the name of Con Edison Solutions. For all of our valued customers, suppliers, and friends, you will continue to benefit from the expertise of the same solar professionals, the exceptional level of service we are known for, and the same quality products that you have come to expect.

In the coming weeks, our website will begin redirecting you to the Con Edison Solutions website where you will find all of the information that you have found here. Con Edison Solutions looks forward to continuing to meet all of your solar and battery storage needs.

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