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Savings FAQs

How does going solar save me money?

At Con Edison Solutions, we have a team of professionals who will evaluate both your property and your current electricity usage to customize an affordable solar power system specific to your needs. Your system will help you pay less for electricity than your utility or electricity supplier would charge. In fact, once you have paid for your solar power system, the electricity it generates is essentially free.

What is the cost of going solar?

The main factor in the cost of a solar power system is the generation capacity (size) of that system. Con Edison Solutions will evaluate your current electricity usage to help determine what size system is required. However, regardless of the size, financing and other incentives can make your installation affordable.

Is it better to buy or lease my solar panel system?

Buying a new solar power system will provide you with the quickest payback and the maximum savings.  You do have the opportunity to utilize federal and state incentives, credits, and rebates regardless of whether you purchase your system outright or finance it.  If tax credits are not helpful in your situation, you may still consider installing solar, but a lease or power purchase agreement could be a viable alternative.

Can I still save money if I lease instead of buy my solar power system?

If you lease your solar power system, your electricity bill combined with the lease payment will typically still be lower than what your utility company charged. By leasing, you also have the opportunity to lower your up-front costs. However, with a leased system most, if not all, incentives and rebates would go to the entity that actually owns the system installed on your property. Some of these incentives are used to reduce the total cost of the system to ensure affordability to you.

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At what point do we talk about financing?

Solar design and the financing solution are intertwined.  Even when selecting panels, configuring a layout and sizing the installation, Con Edison Solutions will be sure to balance the economic needs of your installation as it pertains to a compatible financing solution.  After your no-obligation solar assessment, we can discuss the cost of your custom designed system, and how incentives and potentially financing tie into the overall project.

How do I get financing for my solar power system?

Con Edison Solutions works with top solar financial institutions to provide our customers with flexible financing options. To find out which program may be best for a new solar power system for your home or business, please contact our office at (877) 273-5066. Con Edison Solutions will design a custom system and provide information on how to get qualified.

What is the Federal Investment Tax Credit?

The ITC offers a Federal Tax Credit against the income tax liability for owners of solar. However, because the ITC is scheduled to be phased out over the next few years, you should go solar now to maximize the value of the credit. Con Edison Solutions can make you aware of the amount and any change to this credit; however, we also recommend that you consult your tax advisor for details on how this credit could impact your taxes.

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Does my state offer incentives or rebates?

Con Edison Solutions is licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York and each of these states offer solar incentives and/or rebate program; however, the amount, and how it is applied, varies depending on the state.  Con Edison Solutions will advise you on what programs are available where your home or business is located, but we always recommend you speak with your financial or tax advisor. They will have more information on how these programs may be applied to your unique situation.

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