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Solar Power Financing

Con Edison Solutions Offers Affordable Solar Power

When it comes to financing your custom-designed solar power system, Con Edison Solutions can help you take advantage of various programs that make solar power affordable for homeowners and commercial property owners.

Start Saving Immediately

You can choose to purchase your solar power system outright.  Owning your solar power system permits you to receive the benefit of applicable tax credits and incentives available.  After your system is installed, you would essentially pay nothing for the electricity it generates and will immediately begin to recoup your investment.  The team at Con Edison Solutions is happy to review the benefits of this option with you in detail.

Go Solar with Little or No Up-front cost

Con Edison Solutions works with many different financing companies to offer loans for solar power systems.  These financial firms offer loans for your solar power system for different terms at competitive rates, including no-money down options for commercial, not-for-profit, and residential applications.  Financing still allows you to benefit from applicable tax credits and incentives, and the savings on your electricity bills may offset your financing payments.  Con Edison Solutions will design and install your solar power system, and also help you understand and choose the best financing solution to fit your goals.

Lease and Limit Your Up-Front Costs

You may opt to lease the solar power equipment.  For some, this is the best financing solution.  Con Edison Solutions can advise you on lease and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options.  Leases and PPAs limit upfront costs by changing the structure of ownership.  In these scenarios, the tax credits and other incentives will go to the lessor or third-party owner to help pay down the project cost, making the system more affordable for you.  The team at Con Edison Solutions will be happy to provide more insight on the lease or PPA options.

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