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Affordable Solar Power

There is often a misperception about how much going solar costs. When available credits, rebates, and incentives are combined with the energy savings, people are often surprised at how affordable a solar power system truly is.

Your energy needs help determine your system

Con Edison Solutions custom designs each system.  As a result, there are some key steps to accurately determine the cost of each solar power system and its potential payback.

The team at Con Edison Solutions will work closely with you to advise you on the process

The steps we take to evaluate your potential to save with solar power include:

Reviewing Your Electricity Usage: Con Edison Solutions will begin with an evaluation of your past electricity usage and potential future needs.  This will provide a baseline to determine the approximate amount you could save in electricity costs by investing in solar power now.

Understanding your Goals:  We will meet with you to fully understand your ideas and objectives.  Whether you’re looking for a small solar array to power an electric car, or a larger system designed to power an entire home or business, we can help you design a system which best meets your needs, roof design, and financial requirements.

Property  Assessment:  The most accurate way to determine your potential savings is to have a Con Edison Solutions professional visit your property.  Our energy expert will assess your property and the potential system configuration to maximize the energy output.  We will combine that evaluation with your electricity consumption history to determine the solar power system size required.

Checking for Rebates and Incentives:  Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York each have a variety of incentives that reduce a solar project’s cost.  Some of these incentives are available immediately.  One of the more significant savings opportunities is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).  The ITC provides a Federal Tax Credit against the income tax liability for owners of solar installations.  Con Edison Solutions can provide information on eligibility requirements for the ITC and other incentives available in your state.  Since tax incentives can change and differ for each individual, we also encourage you to speak with your tax advisor.

Informing you of Financing Options: If you would like to install solar but don’t want to pay for it up front, we can make you aware of financing possibilities, including lenders that specialize in loans for solar installations, allowing you get solar with minimal cash outlay.

Evaluating Net Metering Value:  Additional savings may be realized by credits received for the excess power produced by your solar power system and delivered back to the electricity grid.  The experienced team at Con Edison Solutions can estimate some of the returns you might receive based on the balance between your electricity usage and the amount of electricity your solar power system will generate.   The rules vary from state to state and change periodically, so talk to a solar expert at Con Edison Solutions to learn more about what is currently available in your area.

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