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Solar Benefits

Now is The Best Possible Time to Go Solar

Solar benefits begin as soon as your solar power system is turned on.  And those solar advantages can last for decades.  As a homeowner in the northeast with its high energy cost, solar can provide an even greater benefit.

Con Edison Solutions will show you how you can maximize the benefits of solar power in the northeast.

Home Solar Power System Benefits:

  • Lowering or eliminating your electricity bill Once you have used your savings to pay for your solar power system, there are virtually no costs for the power your system generates.  Con Edison Solutions can show you how much you will likely spend on electricity over time and how much solar can save you.  Our solar power systems will typically save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in electricity costs over the life of the system!
  • Protecting you from increases in electricity rates Electricity costs can be volatile and generally increase over time. By reducing or eliminating the amount of electricity you purchase from the grid, you are protecting yourself from future utility rate increases.

Save money with your solar power system

Become your own electricity supplier! Use solar energy to power your home and, when your solar system is producing more energy than your home is using, you will receive a credit on your electric bill in many states. Con Edison Solutions can advise you on what programs are available in your area as well as the optimal system to take full advantage of those programs.

Receive Money-Saving Solar Tax Credits

Con Edison Solutions will guide you through the rebates and incentives that are available in your area. The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can help you save substantial money on your solar power system. In addition, money-saving grants, credits, and rebate programs are available in many states for homeowners who qualify.

Increase Your Property Value

Studies have shown that solar power systems can increase the value of a home when compared to a similar home without a solar power system. Solar power saves you money while increasing the value of your home!*

Better For The Environment

Every year, 293 billion kilowatt hours of solar energy hit the Earth, but only a small fraction of the energy used in the United States comes from this clean and free source of energy.** Con Edison Solutions is dedicated to installing solar panels that produce clean, safe, and reliable energy every day.

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“I initially made the mistake of deciding to go with one of the big national solar installers. They rejected my project because it was not a "cookie cutter" type job and they made up a bunch of excuses why they couldn't do it. I then found Ross Solar [Con Edison Solutions] and they were willing to do the job. They guided me through the process, they did a great job on the installation and I'm very happy.”

~Chris S.

Residential Project

Chris S. Homeowner

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