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How Solar Works

Learn How Solar Saves

Deciding whether solar panels are right for your home is just part of the process.  We will help you understand the design and installation of solar panels and the other components of a solar power system.  We will also assist in identifying incentives and financing options.  Con Edison Solutions will make the decision to go solar fun and easy to.

Con Edison Solutions has been installing solar panels and equipment for homeowners for more than a decade.

Our experienced team can help you understand as much about solar technologies and options as you are interested in learning.  We work with major manufacturers, so we can recommend solar panels and other equipment that is right for you.  We also understand and point you to the available tax incentives and financing options that can make your decision a smart one.

Solar Panels Produce the Power

Most people know what a solar panel is, since it is the most visible part of any solar power system.  Solar panels capture sunlight and turn it into electricity, but not all solar panels are created equal.  Con Edison Solutions works with top manufacturers, whose panels each have their own unique benefits and characteristics.  We will recommend solar panels that match your goals and budget.

Solar Power Systems Are More than Just Solar Panels

Inverters convert the power generated by the solar panels to power you can use.  There are different types and brands of inverters, and again, not all inverters are created equal.  We can recommend the best technology for your application.

Because your solar power system may actually produce more electricity than you can use at times, you may also need a new electric meter.  This is a good thing.  With the proper meter installed, in some states your solar power system can generate electricity bill credits by delivering the excess electricity your system produces back to the electricity grid.  We’ll coordinate the interconnection with your local utility to make sure it is done right.

Con Edison Solutions has extensive experience in all aspects of solar power: designing a solar power system, installing solar panels and other equipment, powering up your system, and helping customers to secure available credits and incentives.  We’ll share our experience with you when it comes to the equipment you need, the required building permits, electricity grid interconnection requirements, and can assist you with identifying a variety of financing options.

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