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Supporting the Needs and Mission of the Archdiocese of New York

Con Edison Solutions recently completed the installation of solar power systems at several facilities for the Archdiocese of New York.  Con Edison Solutions, is working closely with the Archdiocese of New York to help lower operating costs of the church’s facilities and help improve the environment which we all share.

These combined Solar Power systems will generate approximately 672,000 kWh/year.  The energy produced from these solar power systems have the equivalent annual impact of:

  • Eliminating 133 Tons of Waste From LandFills
  • Powering 51 Homes
  • Reducing 870,000 Lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere

St. Anthony's Commissioning

Some of the dedicated team from Con Edison Solutions that helped bring solar to the Archdiocese of New York.

Installation Details

Blessed Sacrament Church, Staten Island, NY
472 Panasonic 325 panels
4 SolarEdge Inverters
153.4 kW DC
115.2 kW AC

St Clare School, Staten Island, NY
232 Panasonic 325 panels
2 SolarEdge inverters
75.4 kW DC
57.6 kW AC

St Clare Pre-school, Staten Island, NY
180 Panasonic 325 panels
1 SolarEdge inverter
58.5 kW DC
43.2 kW AC

St Patrick’s Church, Staten Island, NY
420 Panasonic 325 panels
3 SolarEdge Inverters
136.5 kW DC
100.8 kW AC

St. Anthony School, Yonkers, NY
240 Panasonic 325 panels
2 SolarEdge inverters
78 kW DC
57.6 kW AC

St. Ann School, Yonkers, NY
173 Panasonic 325 panels
1 SolarEdge Inverter
56.225 kW DC
43.2 kW AC

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Con Edison Solutions installed a 100kW solar project using Sunpower SER 228 watt panels for Just Bagels in New York. The system was installed using a steel dunnage system to accommodate the roof layout.

In December 2011, Con Edison Solutions installed what was, at the time, the single largest Sunpower system in New York City. The 256,000 watt Sunpower 308 watt system in Long Island City, New York was one rooftop with a 250kW Satcon inverter. Partial funding for this project was provided by NYSERDA PON 2156.

Con Edison Solutions installed a 30kW SunPower solar energy system for a church in Newtown, Connecticut.

System size: 172kW; Module type: Sunpower 305; Racking type: SPR T-5; Installed in New Jersey in November 2010.

This 250 kw installation at Greenwich Country Day School in Greenwich, CT, using high efficiency SunPower 327 watt modules and SMA Inverters was commissioned in October, 2014.

Under budget and ahead of schedule, the Con Edison Solutions installed over 3100 solar electric panels on behalf of Sunpower Corporation in New Jersey. The commercial solar rooftop system was installed in June 2011.

On September 28th 2012, Con Edison Solutions completed the installation of 430kW commercial solar energy system on a major retail store in Newburgh, New York. The turnkey roof top installation took Con Edison Solutions six weeks to complete.

Jetro Cash and Carry selected Con Edison Solutions to install commercial solar energy systems totaling over 1.5 MW in 2013. The original Bronx, NY, location proved that commercial solar power using high efficiency SunPower solar panels saves money and pays for itself, especially in New York City. The company recently chose Con Edison Solutions again to more than double their solar PV capacity at more facilities around the New York Boroughs and Westchester County. Download more details here.

Gengras Motor Cars selected Con Edison Solutions to complete commercial solar power installations at two of their facilities. Using SunPower E-series solar panels, Con Edison Solutions designed and installed over 400 KW of capacity. This not only helps the company in realizing the value of solar in immediate monthly energy savings, but it also helps to offset over 334 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Location # SunPower Panels Capacity
Gengras Chevy 540 ~ 177 KW
Gengras Volvo 740 ~ 242 KW

210 Dark Solon 235-watt panels installed across 5 separate buildings at a school on Long Island (NY)

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