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Commercial Solar Benefits

Commercial Solar Benefits

The Business Advantages of Going Solar

As a business that has operated in the Northeast for more than a decade, Con Edison Solutions knows that every decision a commercial property owner makes must be carefully scrutinized against the bottom line. We can help structure the financial costs of your solar power system to fit within your monthly energy costs, creating a budget neutral scenario and, in most cases, an immediate cost benefit. Going solar can be structured to fit within your budget, while increasing the strategic advantages of your business.

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Reduce your operating expenses

All business owners must be diligent in managing expenses to remain successful. Con Edison Solutions will evaluate how much your company is currently spending on electricity and discuss the energy needs of your business. For many businesses, monthly energy costs can be a significant expense. The Con Edison Solutions team will begin by evaluating those energy expenses and then determine how much can be saved by making the switch to solar power. Regardless of size and industry, businesses can realize a significant savings, and in some cases reduce the need for grid-supplied electricity significantly or completely.

Gain energy independence and hedge against future rate hikes

If there is anything predictable about electricity rates, it is that they will increase over time. By having your business switch to solar, you can reduce or eliminate the amount of electricity supplied by your utility. Once you have gone solar, the cost for your solar energy is fixed, and will not increase over the life of the system. Solar power offers a predictable and worry-free source of energy for your business, an on-site hedge against rising utility costs!

Net Metering Gives You Back Even More Funds

Your business may not need all of the energy produced from the solar power system. This surplus energy will go back into the electricity grid – and in states that offer net metering, the utility will give you a credit for the power you deliver to the grid. Con Edison Solutions can advise you on what programs are available in your area as well as how to best leverage this solar power benefit.

Solar Tax Credits Help Ensure a Return on Investment

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) can save your company a significant amount of money on your solar power system purchase. Additionally, many states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, offer incentives to encourage more businesses to go solar. Con Edison Solutions will advise you about which rebates and incentives are available in your area.

Improve Your Sustainability

Many people prefer working with a sustainability–minded company. If you make your customers, employees and investors aware that your company is investing in solar power, it gives your company an environmentally-responsible image and that can result in more business. Con Edison Solutions is dedicated to installing solar panels that produce clean, safe, and reliable energy every day and helping your business reap the rewards of going solar.

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