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Commercial Solar Solutions

Ross Solar, a premier Northeast solar installer, has been serving commercial clients throughout Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts for more than a decade.  Our team has extensive experience developing custom-designed rooftop and ground-mounted solar power systems for a variety of businesses, including retail, manufacturing, warehousing, and office complexes, as well as municipal government facilities and schools.

Solar power results in lower operating costs through the reduced use of grid-supplied electricity.  In the case of commercial businesses, it can also lead to additional revenue by leveraging your use of clean, green energy when marketing to potential customers.

Presently, commercial solar power systems are more affordable than at any time in their history.  The cost of solar panels and related components has continued to decline.  In addition, the Federal Investment Tax Credit and state incentives are still available.  The smart business decision is to switch to solar now, as solar power in many areas has become less expensive than buying electricity solely from the utility.  With special financing options, you may be able to install a new solar power system for your business for little or no upfront capital.  The benefits can offset your repayment of the system; essentially letting solar pay for itself!

With today’s low cost for solar, federal and state incentives, plus multiple financing options, the payback on solar is greater and quicker than many business owners believe.

Creating a Bright Future for a Bright Horizons Facility

Learn how Ross Solar brought the benefits of solar to Stamford CT

Solar power for businesses and commercial property owners provides multiple benefits:

  • Operating costs are reduced
  • Future energy expenses are better managed
  • Sustainability goals are met
  • Added level of resiliency (when paired with storage)

Large Company, Local Knowledge

Selecting Ross Solar for your commercial solar energy system is an easy choice.
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Con Edison Solutions, Ross Solar adds the support of a company with a nearly 200 year corporate heritage in energy services to Ross Solar’s own deep experience in solar installation. That provides the confidence that Ross Solar will deliver a quality system and be around long after the project is complete.

Ross Solar has exclusively served the Northeast market for more than a decade.
Compared to some national providers, Ross Solar has superior knowledge of local zoning laws, permitting, utility interconnection, and other factors unique to the Northeast market. This knowledge base provides for a smoother installation than might otherwise be experienced.

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Sunpower Commercial National Dealer of the Year Award

“Ross Solar’s unwavering commitment to quality, customer service, and full transparency, together with their expertise in navigating the complexities of large scale solar installations in New York City, made them the right partner for our high profile renewable energy projects.”

~Peter C.

Commercial Project

Peter C. Chief Operating Officer, Jetro Restaurant Depot

Solar Done Right


At Ross Solar, it’s not just about the panels. We pay special attention to the small details that provide the quality difference in a Ross Solar installation. We design your system using premium hardware and materials to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Our team of energy experts and engineers has designed solar power systems for a diverse group of commercial properties, businesses, and municipal facilities. As a solutions-oriented company, we are often called upon to solve challenges other companies won’t take on. As a result, there are few circumstances we haven’t experienced. We would be delighted to share our expertise with you.

Every solar power system is specifically designed for each application. While Ross Solar will draw upon our extensive experience, we will also integrate innovative solutions and appropriate technology to make certain the solar power system we develop is most efficient and effective for each particular client. We can design for a particular set of requirements such as system efficiency, maximum power, or quickest payback.

The team at Ross Solar is ready to consult with and guide you on installing solar power for your business.

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